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The Ignite Firewalk Foundation

The Ignite Firewalk Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization of coaches and leaders dedicated to empowering individuals to break down the barriers of fear and self-doubt caused by traumatic life experiences and provide the tools and resources necessary for success. Through firewalking, we strive to ignite the potential in individuals and communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break through the barriers of fear and self-doubt caused by traumatic life experiences and provide the tools and resources necessary for individuals to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Through corporate Firewalk team building fundraisers to fundraising seminars to no cost empowerment educational resources, our goal is to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling lives.


What’s Your Calling??

Ours is helping the children! And making a real difference and impact in the world!

Get A Copy Of The Calling! Today! We are featured with 15 Total Nonprofit Founders, Chapter 1 Scott Griswold one of the Co- Founders shares a glimpse of the inception and the passion behind the mission.

We Appreciate The Support! Let’s All Be The Beacon of Light And Love And Shine In Our True Essence. ❤

Our Vision

The Ignite Firewalk Foundation is committed to creating a supportive community for individuals to grow and thrive. By participating in our events or donating to our cause, you can help us provide resources and support for individuals to continue their journey of self-discovery and personal growth long after their firewalking experience.

Our Causes

Provide Support and Resources: Our first priority is to offer support and resources to those who have experienced trauma. We believe that everyone deserves access to the necessary resources and support to heal and recover.

Raise Awareness: Our second objective is to increase awareness about the impact of trauma and the importance of addressing it. We aim to educate the public about the signs and symptoms of trauma and the resources available for those in need.

Foster Resilience and Healing: Our ultimate goal is to foster resilience and healing for individuals who have experienced trauma. With the right support, education, and resources, we believe that anyone can overcome the effects of trauma and lead a fulfilling life.

What is a Firewalk?

Firewalking is an ancient practice that has been observed in various cultures worldwide for thousands of years. It is believed to have originated as a form of spiritual practice, and is often viewed as a way to connect with higher powers or energies. However, in recent times, firewalking has become increasingly popular as a form of personal development, with many individuals and groups using it as a means to overcome fears, build confidence, and develop a sense of inner strength.

Our corporate team building Firewalk events are designed to help individuals and businesses build stronger teams while also supporting a local charity. These events offer a unique opportunity for employees to come together and experience the transformative power of firewalking. By participating in the firewalk, employees can push themselves beyond their perceived limitations, and develop a stronger sense of team unity and support. Our public firewalk’s are just as powerful for induvial results.

And the best part? Our events also support a local charity, making a positive impact on your community. By participating in one of our public or corporate team building Firewalk events, you can help give back while also building a stronger team.

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